Liquid waste materials incineration assisted by ultrasonic atomization


Waste industrial, motor, organic and mineral oils and fats incineration: Very dirty and used lubricants, oils and greasy materials, charged with different solid particles can be ultrasonically transformed (atomized) into spray phase, mixed at the same time with other liquids and inflammable gasses, and very efficiently incinerated, since the burning process in spray phase is extremely efficient. In this way it would be possible to eliminate any kind of liquid waste materials, produce useful heat energy, and additionally produce electricity or hot water applicable for number of environmentally-clean industrial, technological and civil applications. In the case of atomizing waste oils, by simple injection of atomized water (mixing oil and water in a spray), it is possible to get a much better burning efficiency, since the presence between 10% and 20% water stimulates oils incineration by increasing the flame temperature. If the liquids to be incinerated are charged with particles (and so have variable, uncontrolled density), traditional methods of using nozzles and pumps for spray production will not work, because nozzles are blocked by the presence of solid particles. Using ultrasonic atomizers avoids such problems, so that any dirty and charged liquid can be easily atomized (transformed into a spray) for total incineration.


Any non-flammable waste or dangerous liquid can be incinerated by ultrasonically transforming it into spray and mixing it with a convenient flammable gas or liquid spray, resulting in very efficient (total) incineration and producing environmentally-safe, neutral gas output. Applications: Elimination of dangerous industrial and military waste liquids, poisons, micro-bacteriologically contaminated liquids.