Advanced SonoReactors

MMM Ultrasonic systems for cleaning and liquid processing

Multi-frequency Multi-mode Modulated Sonic and Ultrasonic Technology

No other manufacturer has yet matched the exacting standards MMM achieves in precision cleaning. MMM is not only more efficient and effective than any other ultrasonic cleaning technology, it is unique.


  1. Medical and pharmaceutical technologies for cell and virus destruction, passivation, or neutralization.
  2. Applicable to vaccine-related technologies.
  3. Liposome and nano-emulsions production.
  4. Nano-particules production.
  5. Patent pending.
  6. Bioengineering technologies.
  7. Stimulation of stem cells to grow.
  8. Profound 3D body massage.
  9. Delivery of medication in a liquid state by augmented diffusion through skin.
  10. Alleviating bone pain and muscle aches and pains.
  11. Stimulated and accelerated micro-crystallization, sedimentation and precipitation in liquids.

What makes MMM technology so special?

MMM uses advanced digital signal processing (DSP) for input signal analysis and output signal conditioning techniques to produce wide-band vibrations in all kinds of acoustic loads. Frequency range: from Hz to MHz from infrasonic through to high-range ultrasonic! This gives a completely homogeneous spatial distribution of ultrasonic activity through the cleaning liquid - no dead zones, no standing waves.

What does that mean in practice?

  • Superior, deep penetration independent of water level.
  • Reliable cleaning with extra power spread throughout the bath.
  • Thorough cleaning without damaging fine parts or sensitive instruments.
  • The requirement for separate heaters is reduced or in some cases eliminated.
  • Concentration of cleaning solvents, detergents and additives can be significantly reduced or even eliminated.
  • Cleaning time can be several times shorter compared to conventional ultrasonic technology.
  • Very fast liquid conditioning and degassing.
  • Precise, consistent regulation of ultrasonic power from 1% to 100%. Simple adjustment to achieve best results cleaning very fine and sensitive components.

MMM universal ultrasonic power supplies for all cleaning and liquid-processing applications.

MMM Universal ultrasonic power supplies are available to replace all other constant or sweeping-frequency systems driving all kinds of piezoelectric transducers, submersible transducers, bench-top cleaners and sonochemical reactors.

MMM technology uses digital signal processing to create optimal conditions in all cleaning and liquid-processing applications.

Unique MMM digital signal processing and the results of a foil-perforation test. Evenly distributed perforation can be achieved in as little as a second.

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