Clamp-On ultrasonic systems


These systems overcome one of the most important limitations of conventional industrial ultrasonics: the need for custom-designed sonotrodes resonant at the appropriate frequency for the system. Instead, MPIs clamp on ultrasonic tools fit onto your existing pipes (or reactors, pressure vessels, extruder heads etc. - almost anything up to several hundred kg) and drive it efficiently with ultrasonic power ranging from 300W to 100Kw!


Complete system for ultrasonic continuous casting comprising sontrol computer and software generator transducer wave guide and clamp-on sonotrode. Large tube from the standard non-ultrasonic machine. Clamp-on ultrasonic systems - retrofittable oscillatory tooling
MPIs clamp on ultrasonic tools fit onto your existing pipes, reactors, pressure vessels or extruder heads, overcoming the need for custom-designed sonotrodes.


Small scale laboratory sono-reactor uses a simple stainless steel flask glass also possible and clamp-on sonotrode Benefits of clamp-on ultrasonic systems
Conventional fixed-frequency systems drive the acoustic system (converter & reactor) at a frequency optimized for the converter without full consideration of how the reactor frame changes the resonant frequency of the system as a whole. Rather than fighting physics our systems adapt to the new resonant frequency when an un-tuned mass (the reactor vessel) is attached to the converter.


Laboratory setup of 3-clamp tubular ultrasonic reactor Applications of clamp-on ultrasonic systems
The range of applications for this flexible and versatile new ultrasonic technology is enormous - here are some lists of applications in mixing, cleaning and process improvement for solids, liquids and gasses.


Ultrasonic cutting of food products with clamp-on MMM system Videos of clamp-on ultrasonic systems in action
Videos showing clamp-on MMM ultrasonic systems used for atomizing liquids from internal and external surfaces, and cutting food products.


Ultrasonic generator transducers wave-guides and clamp-on sonotrodes fit to standard pipes tubes and reactor vessels to drive high-power vibrations MMM Ultrasonic Clamp-On sytems - Components
Descriptions of the components of our versatile clamp-on ultrasonic systems. We offer a full service to clients directly or via OEM suppliers.


Ultrasonic ultra-filtration system Examples of ultrasonic clamp-on systems from MPI Ultrasonics
Some examples of MMM clamp-on ultrasonics in industry: ultra-filtration system, cleaning in liquid CO2, process industry, heat exchangers and extruders.



Key features of clamp-on MMM ultrasonic systems:


  • Applicable to almost any pipe, reactor, pressure vessel, or large tooling component including irregular, thick walled and heavy parts.
  • Drives high and low viscosity liquids, powders and solids (plus mixtures such as food products).
  • Digital signal processing plus advanced programmed controls give optimum results in all process conditions.
  • Ultrasonics can be fitted without removing or draining existing parts - zero downtime installation.