Applications of Multifrequency Structural Actuators


The Mastersonic Tube Reactor - used to apply ultrasonics to liquids for through-flow sonochemistry applications MMM Tube Reactor for through-flow Sonochemistry
The Tube Reactor is the ideal solution for sonochemical reactions applied to a continuous flow of liquid.




Modular Mastersonic - MMM - Power supplies for Ultrasonic Cleaning Advantages of MMM Technology for Sonic & Ultrasonic Cleaning
MMM Technology gives high-intensity, uniform distribution of ultrasonic activity inside a cleaner tank - no dead zones, no standing waves, allowing a reduction in concentration of cleaning solvents, detergents and additives, plus faster cleaning compared to traditional cleaning technology




Ultrasonically agitated plastic extruder in a composite plastics production line Ultrasonically Assisted Plastic Extrusion
MMM Technology applied to the extrusion of composite plastic materials - photos of equipment used




Cleaning in Supercritical, Liquid Carbon Dioxide
MMM Technology applied to an ultrasonic cleaning process using pressurized liquid carbon dioxide as the solvent




Accelerated ultrasonic testing of high-tech components and products
Using accelerated high-power ultrasonic testing, one minute of testing can be equivalent to several weeks or months of traditional tests.



Ultrasonically assisted powders production
Using very specialized ultrasonic atomizing systems, a very high flow rate of almost any liquid can be easily transformed into fine spray and dried (dehydrated) in line, eliminating drying, solidifying or cooling channels and creating very fine dry powder as the end-product.


Liquid waste materials incineration assisted by ultrasonic atomization
Very dirty and used lubricants, oils and greasy materials, charged with solid particles can be ultrasonically atomized and very efficiently incinerated.


Thermal treatment and Stress Release
Small solid parts can be successfully stress-relieved in a very high intensity ultrasonic chambers, offering benefits such as increased fatigue limits, reduced likelihood of cracking, artificial materials aging, increased dynamic load bearing capacity, improved corrosion resistance, stress relieving, increased weld strength, material cost reductions, increased operating and service life


Ultrasonic cleaning, degreasing, and polishing of drawn profiles, rods, bars and tubes
Traditional ultrasonic cleaning normally operates at between 10 and 30 Watts of radiated ultrasonic power per liter of cleaning liquid. Modern ultrasonic cleaning systems can increase this ultrasonic radiating power by 10 to 100 times, offering more efficient cleaning without using Perchlor and Trichlor.


Wire, tube and profile drawing
The drawing of wires, tubes and profiles can be enormously facilitated by ultrasonic vibrations. When high power ultrasonic transducer is attached to drawing tool, it accelerates the drawing process.


Continuous and Static Casting with Ultrasound
Ultrasound above the threshold of acoustic cavitation can be introduced into molten metal during the continuous casting process, offering grain modification, microcrystallization, filtering and refining, degassing and de-foaming, mixing and homogenizing


More applications of MMM Ultrasonic Technology
Other applications of MMM ultrasonic technology, including: Elimination of material buildup, defrosting, boilers maintenance, Gas mixers, Spray mixers, Ultrasonic machining, surface drying, defoaming, surface drying, filtration, sieving , screening, Ultrasonic reactors and extractors, micro encapsulation, Wastewaters neutralization, sterilization, de-colorization, mixing and homogenization, Liquid Atomizers, large quantity spray, mist, humidifiers, coating systems, Induction Heating, alloying, casting, stress-free metal welding, multifrequency agitation, Recuperation, Recovery, Recycling, precious metals recovery, Elimination of material, buildup, defrosting, boilers maintenance, Stone and mineral layers elimination from boilers and reservoirs, Anti-Icing and Deicing, Removal of mussels, Gas mixers, Micro Spray, Ultrasonic machining, Ultrasonic drying, Ultrasonic defoaming, Micro encapsulation, Extractors, organic and inorganic Extractions, Ultrasonic filtration, self maintaining filters, Sieving, Screening, Radar and Sonar, Seismic Sources, detectors, analyzers, Modulation of laser and high intensity light beams, Interactive music, NDT



Infrared NDT
MMM can be applied for fast and uniform 3-D heating. See