Advanced Generators

The most advanced ultrasonic generators currently on the market

The most advanced ultrasonic generators currently on the market universal range for driving all available transducers and AMMM Advanced Multifrequency Multimode Modulated for the most demanding use cases.

Our range of very recent AMMM (Advanced Multifrequency, Multimode, Modulated) and older MMM Ultrasonic Power Supplies are the most technically-advanced, versatile and capable ultrasonic generators available today.

Our AMMM ultrasonic power supplies are compatible or easily modifiable to drive almost any piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer presently known in the high-power ultrasonics industry. We can replace almost any industrial ultrasonic power supply presently available from other suppliers.

Our AMMM generators have the largest frequency-window controls of any ultrasonic generator (covering almost any frequency interval, compared to 1 until 2 kHz from others). The frequency range used is entirely under user-control.

Our AMMM ultrasonic power supplies take advantage of dynamic load power regulation between series and parallel resonance to capturing even wider frequency intervals. We can operate any piezoelectric, ultrasonic transducer in its resonant, fixed frequency regimes, in any numerically selected operating frequency interval, and in many forced, arbitrary frequency-modulated wideband regimes.

We have implemented a safe, fully-automatic internal scanning procedure in order to select the optimal operating regime and settings for certain ultrasonic transducer.

Our AMMM Ultrasonic Power Supplies have smooth power and amplitude regulation. We limit the maximum values of load power, transducer amplitude and output voltage on piezoceramics to avoid transducer damage and ensure optimum lifespan. We also include overheating, short-circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection in all generators for safety and reliability.

Our AMMM ultrasonic power supplies have all standard modern industrial control options (PLC, PC software controls, LabView, ModBus, USB, analog input controls.). We can customize and introduce any other interface on request.

We have the largest number of settings and controls to optimize operating parameters and conditions, including frequency modulation, forced and/or automatic multi-frequency resonance-regime driving. This allows our equipment to be applied to all presently known industrial ultrasonics applications, such as welding, cleaning, sonochemistry, materials processing, ultrasonically assisted metallurgy, bonding, sieving, cutting, machining, atomizing and many others not yet imagined!

Once the optimal settings are identified (on certain of our AMMM ultrasonic power supplies, and for certain converter), there is almost no need to do anything more. Just use it on a usual way as using any other modern ultrasonic generator, and control only basic parameters (like timing, amplitude, energy etc.).

All AMMM generators are available in standard form or customized to your precise requirements:

  • Customized output / impedance matching to any transducer is done in a very short time after we get the necessary information from a client.
  • For critical and demanding use-cases we offer a customization service in our labs to optimize the frequency range and operating regime.
  • Our generators have automatic control systems and internally-adjustable compensating inductive and capacitive components, adjustable voltage outputs etc. But in some cases it is necessary to perform the initial setup in our labs. Systematically we are converging to design solutions for ultrasonic power supplies, which are close to universal, but there will always be a space when client will need our assistance. Until now, nobody has offered such options.
  • Our standard line of Ultrasonic Power Supplies operates on European main supply voltage input: 200 - 240 V ac, 50/60 Hz, but other mains input is available on request (115 Vac 50/60 Hz). Internally, all our ultrasonic power supplies have stabilized universal voltage SMPs for control and logic modules operating from 95 to 265 Vac. We can also apply high-power PFC input for customized Power Supplies.
  • For particularly unusual requirements, special ultrasonic power supplies can be built to any required power rating, and in frequency ranges up to 100 kHz or more.

AMMM Generators

(Resonance-tracking and wideband ultrasonic generators)

The world's most advanced ultrasonic generators. For the most demanding applications including welding, sonochemistry, bonding, cleaning, sieving, cutting, machining, atomizing, multi-frequency & wideband transducers...

AMMM ultrasonic generator manual (pdf)

WG Generators

(Fixed-frequency tracking ultrasonic welding generators)

Our WG-series of resonance-tracking welding ultrasonic generators can drive any kind of ultrasonic transducers: for cleaning, welding, sonochemistry, bonding, machining...

WG ultrasonic generator manual (pdf)