New Applications of MMM Ultrasonic Systems

MMM (Multifrequency, Multimode, Modulated) ultrasonic systems offer greatly improved efficiency and effectiveness compared to conventional high-power ultrasonics, as well as making many previously-impossible applications viable and cost-effective.

Here we showcase some new applications - please bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates.

Ultrasonic Sieving
MPI offers the most advanced ultrasonic technology currently available for sieving and screening applications. Our patented MMM ultrasonic generators stimulate highly efficient wideband acoustic energy to nearly any sieve or screen shape.
Alloy Atomization
Short video loop of ultrasonic atomization applied to a molten metal alloy
Foil Perforation
Short animation of a 30 second foil-perforation test on the clamp-on MMM ultrasonic system
Biodiesel reactor
A complete, integrated package of generator, transducer, wave guide and clamp-on sonotrode for through-flow processing