Wire, tube and profile drawing


Currently ultrasound has proven its effectiveness in processes such as wire and tube drawing, extrusion, forging and rolling.


The drawing of wires, tubes and profiles can be enormously facilitated by ultrasonic vibrations. Basically, when high power ultrasonic transducer is attached to drawing tool, it accelerates the drawing process. Even Tungsten and Molybdenum have been drawn efficiently and smoothly by ultrasonic drawing.


  • The drawing force necessary for some forming process can be reduced by more than 50% by using ultrasound.
  • At the solid-solid interface, ultrasonic vibrations change the surface condition and reduce the friction of boundary lubrication.


The use of ultrasound in metalworking processes reduces the energy requirement, increases the process rate, improves tooling lives, upgrades workpiece surface quality, and extends metalworking technology to materials that break up under conventional metalworking conditions.