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Based in Switzerland with clients around the world, MPI offers products, R&D services and consultancy in high power ultrasonics, a range of top quality ultrasonic cleaning and sonochemistry equipment and special equipment development for new applications. Learn more about the company here.

Nuclear decontamination - project proposal: Immobilization of Radionuclides in Stable Unleachable Phases by Application of Ultrasound-Modified Cation Exchanged Zeolite

We wish to establish strategic project partnerships for the development of atomic energy projects related to the safe decontamination and passivation of radionuclides in water. MPI Ultrasonics has extensive experience with ultrasonic liquid-processing units and technology, including customized design and applications experience using “MMM Ultrasonic Technology”. Vinča Institute for Nuclear Sciences has wide-ranging expertise in Radionuclides and Material science, both theoretical and laboratory work. Together we are ready to address large-scale polluted water decontamination caused by accidents in nuclear power plants.

Project Proposal: Ultrasonic stimulation of stem cells in vitro and in vivo

We wish to make contact with companies specializing in stem cell research and commercial exploitation for the purpose of developing new and enhanced processes which will improve outcomes for patients. Our objective is to combine the known benefits of ultrasonics and stem cell therapy. Existing equipment for laboratory-scale liquid processing and for therapeutic massage can be readily adapted for use with stem cells, during growth and preparation and after injection into the patient. Laboratory trials will evaluate the effects of ultrasonic agitation during stem cell culture and clinical trials will determine the benefits of ultrasonic stimulation after injection.

New Article: MMM Ultrasonic Metallurgy (4MB pdf) from Aluminium International Today, the journal of aluminium production and processing - May/June 2014.

The quality and competitiveness of casting strongly depends on the quality of molten alloy and the technology used to produce it. With regards to quality, the casting of aluminium alloys is not easy, since alloys are prone to dendritic and heterogeneous structures, as well as the absorbtion of hydrogen during melting, which requires a specific melt processing operation in order to reduce and control the level of porosity in a microstructure after solidification. By H. Puga, M. Prokic, N. van Dongen.

NEW on our Ultrasonic Metallurgy website: Ultrasonic masterclass presentation - Ultrasonic vibrations in metallurgy (or download as pdf).





Ultrasonic systems for the most demanding applications: "MMM Technology" (Multifrequency, Multimode, Modulated Sonic & Ultrasonic Vibrations) gives the best possible results in ultrasonic cleaning and sonochemistry systems as well as making many new applications possible (***MORE***). For the first time any complex mechanical system up to a mass of several tonnes, consisting of arbitrary resonating elements, can be driven efficiently (Learn more about MMM Power Supplies)


Featured Application: Metal casting with Ultrasonic Degassing and Grain-refinement

Solid model of ultrasonic equipment for processing molten aluminium alloy.

New photos and published papers showing the benefits of casting molten aluminium with ultrasonic degassing.


Photo - video gallery of ultrasonic metallurgy tools and applications.

Gallery of ultrasonic metallurgy

This photo - video gallery showcases a variety of ultrasonic metallurgy tools and applications.

Brief video showing the rotion of fluids by ultrasonic vibration. Molten aluminum can also be rotated by ultrasonics in addition to degassing homogenization crystallization grain refining.

Please see also this video of fluid rotation by ultrasonics - another effect in metal processing in addition to degassing, homogenization, crystallization, grain refining. Here water and coffee particles are used to demonstrate the effect in the lab, but in reality liquid metal also rotates during processing.



Featured Application: Ultrasonic Plastic Extrusion

Optional locations for applying ultrasonic vibrations to the plastic extrusion process

Our patented MMM ultrasonic generators have the unique ability to apply high power ultrasonic energy to large mechanical systems like extruder heads...








MORE about MMM ultrasonics on pdf


The Mastersonic Tube Reactor - used to apply ultrasonics to liquids for through-flow sonochemistry applications

Our tube reactors, also based on MMM Technology, are ideal for all through-flow sonochemistry applications providing high intensity, uniform sonication under your complete control. Various sizes available.

A glass flask becomes a sonochemical reactor simply by the addition of the MPI clamp-on ultrasonic system

Our revolutionary clamp-on ultrasonic systems drive your existing pipes, reactors or pressure vessels, even glass tubes and vessels - with the versatility of MMM ultrasonics.

MMM Generator from MP Interconsulting - Multifrequency Multimode Modulated Sonic  Ultrasonic power supply

Ultrasonic systems for the most demanding applications: "MMM Technology" (Multifrequency, Multimode, Modulated Sonic & Ultrasonic Vibrations). Details pages for ultrasonic generators: OF series, OW series, IX series, controllers. MMM ultrasonics manuals on pdf.

Ultrasonic atomization with a twist - here we are atomizing molten metal!

An unusual application for ultrasonics - atomization of molten metal alloy. The sonotrode uses a special tip (which is different for atomizing different metals) and water cooling. More information.

Foil perforation testing shows the ultrasonic power delivered by MMM systems and unmatched uniformity throughout a large volume of water.

Foil immersed for only a few seconds in a benchtop ultrasonic reactor powered by MMM technology. The extent and uniformity of the perforation cannot be matched by any conventional ultrasonic system. The details page includes a small animation and the complete video clip is available for download on our download site.

A range of top quality push-pull ultrasonic transducers and modular generators for ultrasonic cleaning and sonochemistry applications

For high-energy ultrasonic cleaning and sonoreactors, if MMM technology is not required, we also offer this range of top-quality "Push-Pull" transducers (tube resonators), driven by modular generators to suit all power requirements.

We have developed equipment for major manufacturing companies in Switzerland and around the world. Here are some examples:

Ultrasonics assist powder compacting for improved food packaging or to optimize a metal sintering process

This is a short video of our prototype ultrasonic compaction unit for reducing the volume of powders in the pharmaceutic industry. (File size 1.5Mb. You may need to download the file first - Right click, "Save target as" and / or download Apple Quicktime).

MPI develops new equipment and ultrasonic systems for any application

Another application of MMM Technology - prototype equipment for proving a process of ultrasonic cleaning in supercritical liquid CO2 (more).

Ultrasonically agitated plastic extruder in a composite plastics production line

Prototype equipment for ultrasonically assisted extrusion of composite plastics. MMM Technology allows the application of ultrasonics directly at the extruder head (more).


Coupled Tensors of Piezoelectric Materials State

Dr. Ljubisa Peric, Author

426 pages, English language version copyright ©2004 MPI. All international distribution rights reserved.

Purchase mathematical modelling of piezoelectric materials book

Some researchers spend a lifetime working towards the understanding of a specific complex problem and, as the culmination of their career, write a technical work offering such a profound and multilevel insight that it could not have been produced in any other way. Our contemporary lifestyle imposes enormous barriers against creating such life-career books, yet this is one. This extraordinary book provides incomparable understanding of piezoelectric materials and their behavior in electro-acoustic transducers.

Dr. Peric's book is available in English exclusively from MPI. To order the book, please use our online store, or read more here.


Price €160

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Piezoelectric Converters Modelling and Characterization

Miodrag Prokic, Author

240 pages, Copyright ©2004 MPI. All international distribution rights reserved.

Purchase piezoelectric converters modelling and characterization book

If you are interested in more information about MMM technology (multi-frequency systems) and all modern methodology regarding the manufacture and assembly of High Power Ultrasonic Converters, this comprehensive book on the technology of ultrasonic transducer / converter design and mathematical modelling is available to download. This book provides a comprehensive description of the technology and practical know-how regarding High Power Piezoelectric Converters: their assembly, quality measurements and characterization (power, efficiency, impedance matching etc). To order the book, please use the PayPal link below, or download a preview here.

Second edition August 2004 - 266 pages


Price €80

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Design and Modelling of Power Ultrasonic Transducers

Dr. Milan D. Radmanovic, Dr. Dragan D. Mancic, Authors

198 pages, Copyright ©2004 MPI. All international distribution rights reserved.

Purchase design and modelling of power ultrasonic transducers book

New Covering one-dimensional and three-dimensional mathematical modelling of cylindrical sections (sonotrodes and rings) and Langevin-type piezoelectric sandwich transducers, this book provides the detailed information required for accurate models. To order the book, please use the PayPal link below, or download a preview here.

Price €150

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Innovative aspects of particle-wave duality gravitation and electromagnetic theory addressed from the point of view of electric and mechanical analogies united with continuous Symmetries.

New paper (free download!):

Innovative aspects of particle-wave duality, gravitation and electromagnetic theory addressed from the point of view of electric and mechanical analogies (free download).

Revision of particle-wave dualism - a discussion document - download as PDF
More information, Preview and discussions on this paper.




For more information about our products, or recommendations for applying ultrasonics to your process, please contact Miodrag Prokic and/or see NEW APPLICATIONS and ***MORE***.

Krell Engineering -- custom design of industrial and medical ultrasonic resonators for frequencies between 10 kHz and 100 kHz

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