Components of MMM Ultrasonic Clamp-On sytems


We offer our clients the freedom to construct powerful ultrasonic systems using their own tubes and reactor vessels as resonators. Alternatively we can supply complete reactor systems with standard tubes, quick-release end caps etc.


We also offer all generator and transducer components to systems integrators and OEM suppliers. Make your own ultrasonic fluid processing systems for sale to your clients!


Required components


Laboratory 3-clamp tubular ultrasonic reactor system comprises control computer with special software generator transducers wave guides clamp-on sonotrodes and closed-end tube

Power Supplies (generators)
MMM generators deliver wide-band sonic and ultrasonic energy (ranging from infrasonic up to the MHz domain) to thick or thin wall metal containers. Sonic and ultrasonic driving creates uniform and homogenous distribution of acoustical activity in the vibrating system while avoiding the creation of stationary and standing waves, so that the whole volume is fully agitated. The system offers fine control from a programmable interface and produces high efficiency active power.

Ultrasonic transducers converters and clamp-on-tube sonotrodes turn your existing equipment into a powerful ultrasound reactor

Transducers (converters) MPI-5020S-6PS
Ideal for both for single frequency and broad band operating regimes (MMM), these transducers feature a large mounting area and a protected flexible housing (watertight and shock-resistant: IP 65 and NEMA 4 compliant - both converter and connector).

Ultrasonic transducers converters and clamp-on-tube sonotrodes turn your existing equipment into a powerful ultrasound reactor

Wave guides
Standard lengths are 100mm to 200mm, extended options to 3 meters for high-temperature applications. May also be fitted with water jackets for cooling (see below).
Clamp sonotrodes
MMM Pipe-clamps can be designed for tubes of almost any size and shape. We can redesign the clamp dimensions to suit your application. Custom designs with mountings for multiple converters are available for larger sizes.




Optional components


Water cooling jackets fit around the wave guide to thermally isolate the transducer from hot applications

Water jackets
Where the pipe contains high-temperature liquid use these water cooling jackets and extended-length wave guides to protect the ultrasonic transducer.
Standard tubes and ends
We provide consulting and custom design services to help you create reaction chambers and ultrasonic systems for any application. Make use of our range of standard tubes, end fittings and clamps or use your own standard components.

A wide range of easily assembled tube and end fittings are available for building through-flow inline ultrasonic reactors