Ultrasonic sieving using MMM Multifrequency technology


MPI offers the most advanced ultrasonic technology for sieving and screening applications. Our patented MMM (Multifrequency, Multimode, Modulated) ultrasonic generators can stimulate highly efficient wideband (sonic to megahertz) acoustic energy to nearly any sieve or screen shape.


Key benefits to the MMM ultrasonic technology:


  • Improves process flow rates by greater sieve/screen stimulation beyond the limitations of standard fixed-frequency ultrasonic sieving systems.
  • Difficult ("sticky") powders can be processed succsssfully thanks to advanced programmable features. Standing waves are eliminated and the whole medium is fully agitated.
  • MMM technology will drive any shape (round, oval, square, rectangle) sieve or screen, even large mass systems.
  • MMM generators can adapt to other manufacturers sieving transducer and screen, allowing a simple field upgrade to existing sieving equipment.


MMM ultrasonic sieving / screening systems are available for all operations - any size, any shape, any powder or liquid. MMM will succeed in the most difficult and demanding sieving processes even where other ultrasonic systems have failed.


For more details of MMM Ultrasonic Sieving continue to the ultrasonic sieving details page and / or download the powder sieving presentation on pdf from our download server. (Note - The pdf file is 12Mb and will take a long time to load fully. We recommend you right click the link and select "Save Target As" to download the file direct to your hard-disk. If you click the link it will open in a new window to allow you to continue browsing.)