Custom made ultrasonic transducers

We can duplicate, copy, modify, optimize, or make equivalent transducers, based on any specific model requested by our clients. On request we can produce transducer models with exactly the same input impedance characteristics as any existing transducer.

For larger clients (who are already buying high quantities of piezoceramics at low prices) we can also build transducers using the client's own piezoceramics (consequently, the client pays only for metal parts, machining, assembly and measurements).

We use the highest standards for metal surface finishing. Contact metal surfaces with piezoceramics are plan-parallel rectified. The finest lapping is our standard practice, giving transducers of the highest quality, longest operating life and most stable characteristics.

All transducers are protected against humidity and moisture and produced using non-corrosive metal alloys.

All transducers are measured for the electrical charge-voltage generated on piezoceramics. This method secures the optimal quality and very high uniformity of transducers in a mass production.

Thermal aging and transducers characteristics stabilization is regularly applied to all transducer models.

For quality and production testing we use Network Impedance Analyzer HP4194A, as well as other necessary and advanced instrumentation. All transducers are 100% tested.

On request, we can select transducer groups in any tolerance field regarding central resonant frequency of a selected group (±50 Hz, ±100Hz, ±150Hz, ±200Hz etc.). Selection is made after all technological operations and after thermal aging and stabilization, on a constant room temperature.

Megahertz frequency, water jet, ultrasonic cleaning transducers for semiconductor wafers, optoelectronics and satellite technology components will be available very soon.

Many models of Ultrasonic Welding and Sonochemistry transducers also available (our own models, copies of any other model, or custom-made models).

We can also supply necessary inductive components and ferrite transformers to our clients, for specific transducer types, and give assistance for different inductive compensation and impedance matching situations.

Cleaning ultrasonic generators are also available: Adjustable frequency, Power control, Frequency sweeping, PLL…

For more information please see the specifications page.

Delivery: Between one and three weeks for all standard or custom-made immersible transducers

Payment: 100% in advance.

For all technical information please contact M.P. Interconsulting.