Ultrasonically-accelerated surface coating with multi-component powders

Here we employ small stainless steel balls in a specially designed ultrasonic chamber that are mechanically (or ultrasonically) stimulated to impact parts placed in the chamber. In this case we also include a powder mixture that we wish to imbed into a surface of the treated part. The part is randomly and uniformly, spatially impacted by  the  steel  balls  and  surrounding  powders  with  sufficient  force  to  allow penetration of powder particles into the surface of the bombarded part (with penetration depth until 150 micrometers).

Powders may include: Metal powders, Ceramic powders, Polymer powders, and combinations of different powders.

Some applications include: Watch-Industry parts, Various Micromechanics, Military Parts, Aerospace Parts, Medical Parts, Surgical Components and Implants coatings, painting and surface protection.