Piezoelectric Converters Modelling and Characterization

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In part 1, of the analysis and modelling of piezoelectric transducers for industrial ultrasonics, Miodrag Prokic introduces the subject and describes equivalent circuits and measurement methods.

In part 2, Miodrag describes the application of these principles to evaluate ultrasonic transducer (converter) performance.

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  • Part 3 - Loading and Losses
  • Part 4 - Water loading
  • Part 5 - Connecting boosters and sonotrodes
  • Part 6 - Power performance
  • Part 7 - Electromechanical analogies


Piezoelectric Converters Modelling and Characterization

Miodrag Prokic, Author

240 pages, Copyright ©2004 MPI. All international distribution rights reserved.

If you are interested in more information about MMM technology (multi-frequency systems) and all modern methodology regarding the manufacture and assembly of High Power Ultrasonic Converters, this comprehensive book on the technology of ultrasonic transducer / converter design and mathematical modelling is available to download. This book provides a comprehensive description of the technology and practical know-how regarding High Power Piezoelectric Converters: their assembly, quality measurements and characterization (power, efficiency, impedance matching etc). To order the book, please use the PayPal link below, or download a preview here.

Second edition August 2004 - 266 pages

Preview transducers modelling book as pdf