SONOWELD Generators



Fixed frequency-tracking generators (2kW and 4kW)

Our line of SONOWELD ultrasonic power supplies are compatible or easily modifiable to drive almost any piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer presently used or known Ultrasonic Industry (such as 20/25/30/35/40 kHz). With minimum adjustments, Sonoweld generators can replace almost any industrial ultrasonic power supply that is presently available from well-known worldwide producers, like generators for plastics and metals welding, atomizing, cutting, mixing, sonochemistry, nano-technologies, ultrasonic machining, riveting etc. With their extreme flexibility, these generators are the best choice for both R&D and mass production applications (for instance in automobile industry).

Unique Features: Flexibility, Compatibility, Control And Great Performance In One

Full microprocessor digital control
Automatic frequency tuning
Digital amplitude control
Smart control with time / energy modes
PLC I/O connection
PC connection and software with graphical diagrams of the working process

Unique Features:

  1. The only universal generator for fixed frequency applications:  Made as an optimal design synthesis and integration of presently known design options and operating modes from worldwide sources (replaces all USA, European and Asian generators from famous producers).  Operates both on series and parallel resonant frequency and between them, dynamically adjusting to fast changing ultrasonic load.  Has lot of advantages, new programming options and protections compared to generators from existing worldwide sources.  Our generator is so far the only universal fixed frequency tracking (FFT) generator in the market, which opens numerous setting and programming parameters to the end user. We have the largest number of settings regarding operating parameters and conditions controls, applicable for all presently known Industrial Ultrasonics Applications (such as welding, materials processing, ultrasonically assisted metallurgy, bonding, cutting, machining, atomizing, sonochemistry etc.).
  2. Maximal frequency bandwidth for extremely fast and automatic, Plug-&-Play operating regimes: Our generators can be customized (in our R&D labs) to operate on any frequency between 19 and 100 KHz. Specific, unusual frequency ranges are also acceptable on demand.  For usual, most frequent industrial applications we offer our standard 2kW models for 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 kHz.  Our generators can easily and directly replace almost any fixed frequency generator from famous worldwide producers and offer many more settings, programming and protecting functions.
  3. Largest and modifiable frequency-tracking window: Operating frequency window can be freely selected and set through software settings up to 5 kHz (or differently). Our generators can automatically track the resonant frequency within almost any set intervals, compared to only 1 to 2 kHz tracking range windows of generators from other manufacturers. When ultrasonic tool/sonotrode/load is operating in a very large mechanical loading range, or when the user makes mechanical corrections on a sonotrode (for instance cutting blade sharpening), resonant frequency of such systems could change by several kHz. Our ultrasonic generators can make automatic resonant frequency, amplitude and power tracking in such situations - within almost any frequency set interval.
  4. Dynamic load power regulation: Our ultrasonic power supplies are using advantages of dynamic load power regulation between series and parallel resonance (capturing even wider frequency intervals). We can operate any piezoelectric, ultrasonic transducer in its resonant, fixed frequency regimes, in any numerically selected operating frequency interval.  Our generators can be used on the same way as any other ultrasonic generator.  All presently practiced industrial and manual control options are available: manual, LCD front panel settings and controls, analog, PLC.  Everything can be arranged as any other producer or user of ultrasonic generators is doing.
  5. Safe internal scanning:  Safe operating internal impedance-phase scanning procedure is implemented in our generator for easy selection of the optimal operating regime and settings for certain ultrasonic transducer.
  6. Smooth power and amplitude regulation: We are applying limitation of maximal load power, maximal operating load current, maximal transducer amplitude, and maximal output voltage on piezoceramics. We are applying overheating, short-circuit, over-current and over-voltage protections.
  7. Unlimited power on demand: We can produce customized ultrasonic power supplies without power limitations (from 100 W up to 100 kW, operating up to 100 kHz or higher).
  8. All industrial control options available: Our ultrasonic Power Supplies have all kind of modern industrial control options (PLC, PC software controls, LabVIEW, Modbus, USB, analog input controls…). We can customize and introduce any other control option. Our ultrasonic generators can be controlled with:
    • any kind of PLC
    • analogue control signals from 0-10V
    • amplitude variable and discrete signals
    • on/off switching, error signals, etc
    • or with RS485 based communications (we are giving the communication protocol).
  9. Stand-alone system: Once the optimal settings are made, the generator can be used without a computer or control unit. Basic parameters (like timing, amplitude, energy etc.) can be adjusted from the front LCD panel. Computer and software is good mostly for internal factory operations before generator is sent to end users.

Important facts for non-expert users

  • There exist broad band ultrasonic generator (as our generator), but NOT a broad band high power ultrasonic transducer. Any transducer has a fixed resonant frequency. The most commonly used high power transducers are around 20 kHz. Once the physical system (transducer with booster, tool etc.) is fixed, the resonant frequency is determined. Therefore, we will not be able to "tune" the frequency of the system any more. If a different frequency is needed, we will have to use a different sonotrode and adjust the settings of the generator to match it. "Wide band" transducer/sonotrode can only be realized with a series of transducers/sonotrodes, each having a different fixed frequency (20, 25, 30, 35, 40 kHz)
  • Ultrasonic generators need to be tuned to match an un-known ultrasonic system (transducer and booster). The biggest challenge in operating different ultrasonic loads (and transducers) is related to the fact that all electrical adjustments and settings are completely related to properties of mechanical system we would like to drive. The same transducer (with different mechanical loading) can produce different output power at the same output voltage and frequency. Such matching is usually not supported by generators from other manufacture, and has to be done by trained personnel.
  • Connecting a generator to an unmatched load can cause serious damage to the generator or the transducer.
  • In certain cases, it is necessary that the first-time modifications and settings will be made in Ultrasonic World labs. Systematically we are converging to design solutions for ultrasonic power supplies, which are close to universal, but there will always be a space when client will need our assistance.
  • Our standard line of Ultrasonic Power Supplies is operating on European main supply voltage input, being tolerable to input voltages from 210 Vac to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz. We can customize the same Power supplies for other input voltages (such as 115 Vac 50/60 Hz). Internally, all of our standard Ultrasonic Power Supplies have stabilized, universal voltage SMPS for control and logic modules operating from 95 to 265 Vac.