Controls for MMM Universal wideband multi-frequency power supplies

MMM ultrasonic generators represent a brand new approach to sonic and ultrasonic power supplies. MMM technology merges state of the art DSP and power electronics to produce high-efficiency active power in wide-band sonic and ultrasonic vibrations.

MMM Universal wideband multi-frequency power supplies can replace all other types of constant- or sweeping-frequency generators for use with piezoelectric transducers, submersible transducers, bench-top cleaners and sonochemical reactors.

All Mastersonic MMM generators can be computer-controlled by an IBM compatible PC using our special software and connected by RS485 serial link cable. Multi-parameter controls and settings are easily adjusted using the MS Windows® visual interface software. A hand-held control unit is also available for simple manual setting.

PC visual control software for MMM ultrasonic generators Control multiple frequency and power parameters for MMM ultrasonic generators via PC software RS485  RS232 converter cable link to connect your PC to MMM ultrasonic generators Small hand-held controller unit for MMM ultrasonic generators

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