High Power Piston Probe Sonicators

 Sonicators very high axial energy produces strong cavitation and acoustic power for mixing homogenization flock and particle breakdown.

Submersible transducers such as the Sonopush mono and particularly the ITT transducer (tubular multi-frequency ultrasonics) provide highly effective bulk liquid processing and uniform energy distribution throughout the vessel. But for applications demanding the maximum possible energy density in a small volume, constant-frequency probe systems are the answer.

 Applications include:

  • Sonoreactors
  • Homogenization and emulsification of immiscible liquids
  • Dispersion of solids in liquid
  • Disruption of bacterial cells, viruses and spores
  • Acceleration of chemical and enzymatic reactions
  • Liquids degassing

Building on our experience in multi-frequency systems we use advanced digital technology in our state-of-the-art fixed frequency generators. Combined with a wide range of acoustic elements (transducers, boosters and probes) built to your requirements we have set a new standard in high power liquid processing.

Key Features

  • Industries highest power delivery to the probe in liquids
  • Standard power outputs from 300 to 3000 watts (higher power also available)
  • Standard frequencies 20 kHz, 30 kHz, 35 kHz, 40 kHz (custom frequencies also available)
  • Suitable for liquid processing in static or flow cell chambers
  • Ideal for both laboratory and industrial applications

Sonicators very high axial energy produces strong cavitation and acoustic power for mixing homogenization flock and particle breakdown.

System Components

The minimal configuration is: Power Supply, Converter, Booster, Probe

Power supply

Our latest design ultrasonic generator offers new capabilities in tracking shifts in the center operating frequency. Normal generators are unable to manage even minor shifts (30 Hz to 100 Hz) when probes become de-tuned due to cavitation wear. Our systems can track simple probes over a very large frequency range of ± 500 Hz, a 1,000 Hz window in some cases. That means extended probe life, more reliable operation and less maintenance.

Our ultrasonic power supplies for single probe systems are optimized to deliver very high ultrasonic energy into a liquid load and are fully protected against all accidental no-load and overload situations.

Converter (ultrasonic transducer)

Our converters feature a sealed front mass interface with upper air cooling ports for continuous operation.


Boosters are available in titanium or aluminum, with or without mounting rings, in all ratios to suit your probe and application. Standard gains available are 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5 (custom gain also available on request).


Standard probes are made from high grade titanium in half or full-wavelength designs, diameters up to 60 mm. Standard tip diameters are 3mm (1/8"), 6mm (1/4"), 13mm (1/2", with or without replaceable tip), 25mm (1"), 38mm (1 1/2"), 50mm (2"). Smaller tips available on special order. Custom probes can also be constructed to your specifications.

Ultrasonic Probe example specification

This 20kHz, 2kW ultrasonic probe system with very high axial energy produces strong cavitation and acoustic power for mixing, homogenization, flock & particle breakdown. A new probe design also provides high radial energy for strong cavitation along the probe length.


20kHz 2kW Probe sonicator
Power: 2000 watts max
Frequency: 20 kHz (fixed)
Booster ratio: 1 : 2.0
Probe: Full-wave titanium, diameter 50mm, length 250 mm


Power draw test results in water:


20kHz 2kW Probe sonicator At 50% Amplitude At 100% Amplitude
Power fully submerged: 1000 W 1500 W
Power half submerged: 600 W 1000 W
Power quarter submerged: 300 W 600 W